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She undresses and imitates celebrities on Instagram – and the results are hysterical

Photos of Hollywood celebrities on Instagram can receive a million likes and comments in a day. So why not give some of their eye-catching poses a try while also poking some fun at the standards of beauty on Instagram, too? Well, that was exactly what comedian Celeste Barber was thinking when she got the brilliant idea to imitate some of the highest-profile celebrities on Instagram.

There’s only a tiny difference between the stars’ original images and Celeste’s hilarious re-creations, but I (along with pretty much everyone on Instagram) absolutely love Celeste’s take on the originals.

When comedian Celeste Barber started posting her recreations of celebrity photos on Instagram last spring, they really struck a chord. Her pictures were like nothing we’d even seen, yet there was something familiar about them. He Hollywood send-ups went viral by giving celebrity photos on Instragram a reality check.

Now, Celeste is back with hilarious new series of photos, and they’ll make you buckle over in laughter. Check them out yourself below:

Instagram / celestebarber
Instagram / celestebarber

Playing the piano in only a pair of sneakers or posing naked in an intense pose in the kitchen may seem natural for Hollywood celebrities, but Celeste’s re-creations show how unrealistic some of these poses actually are.

Instagram / celestebarber
Instagram / celestebarber

Talk about being willing to expose yourself! Celeste really found a hilarious way to shine a light on the reality of celebrity photos on Instagram.

Please share Celeste’s pictures if you also think that they’re brilliant!

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