This new 'bra' is every woman's dream come true

This new ‘bra’ is every woman’s dream come true

A new product for women is making waves online. The Ta-Ta Towel is every woman’s new best friend. Just throw it over your shoulders, wrap your breats in it, and Ta-Ta! You’re ready to go.

Well, perhaps not ‘go’ in the traditional sense, though it can be used under clothes, too.

Invented by Erin Robertson, the towel is supposed solves the problem of under boob sweat. I haven’t tried it myself, but it looks like it could be a solution made in heaven. No more underwire!

What’s certain is that women everywhere are sharing news of this new piece of clothing and raving about it too.

When at home and looking to feel comfy, just strap it on. It will keep ur boobs in place.

It’s also quite handy for breastfeeding women.

Just grab your Ta Ta as you step out of the shower.

You can also just relax and sunbathe in it.

The internet’s reaction has been wild.

Others thought the bra, which retails at $45, was too high.

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