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This Underwear Line Had An Increase In Sales. These 9 Unretouched Images Will Make You Understand Why.

Everywhere around us, advertising boards are painted with super slim and fit girls posing in some lingerie outfit or a new bikini. Strangely, that doesn’t seem to be enough. Almost every brand out there retouches the images as well. Every little line or scar is being removed for some reason. The result is a made up version of beauty that doesn’t exist in the real world. However, there are brands out there willing to make a change.

One year ago, American Eagle’s underwear line Aerie stopped retouching their photos.
“There’s no need to retouch beauty”, said American Eagle’s CEO Jennifer Foyle in a statement. And the result was quite good as it turned out.

Their models are beautiful women in different sizes. And guess what, they even got to keep their bruises and skin folds. In other words, they look just like the rest of us. The initiative has been hailed by thousands of people and their posts have had loads of positive comments on Instagram.

[email protected] sparkling! #AerieREAL

Ett foto publicerat av aerie (@aerie)

Three months after they stopped retouching their photos, sales for Aerie were up 9%. And the numbers kept rising. In the first quarter of 2015 the sales were up 12%!

It makes me so happy that there’s company’s out there that skips the retouching and I really hope more will follow.

10 for $30 undies are back! Shop now at or at your local Aerie store. #AerieREAL

Ett foto publicerat av aerie (@aerie)

Keeping festive with just a dose of Holiday red. #AerieREAL ❤️

Ett foto publicerat av aerie (@aerie)

Our must have undie for New Year’s Eve. Cheers, Aerie girls! #AerieREAL

Ett foto publicerat av aerie (@aerie)

Real happy. @AllyLWalsh shows off our new Sunnie Lightly Lined Bra and Boyshort. #BackToReal

Ett foto publicerat av aerie (@aerie)

Do you like the initiative as well? Then please share to your friends so more get to see that retouching isn’t necessary. Cause we’re all perfect just the way we are!

Bolder is always better. #AerieSWIM #AerieREAL ☀️

Ett foto publicerat av aerie (@aerie)

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