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Two Guys Mocked Her Bikini Body. Now Thousands Are Praising Her Brilliant Response.

When Julie Ransby was sunbathing in her bikini recently in southwest Denmark, she suddenly heard two guys next to her commenting on her looks and her choice to wear a bikini. And their comments were anything but kind. On the contrary, they believed that someone who “looked like her” shouldn’t wear a bikini. Shocked by what she heard, Julie wanted to respond, but unfortunately, the two guys had already left. So instead, she decided to write an open letter on Facebook. While she has a few choice words to say to the guys, she also raises a point that’s just as important—that we all have the right to look and dress exactly how we want. Her post has struck a chord and at the time of writing, her post has been liked by more than 100,000 people and shared more than 20,000 times. And it’s not hard to understand why. Read it for yourself below:

“I have a story to tell. It’s long, but I hope you’ll read it. I’m pissed. I’m in shock. I’m going crazy.

I’m lying there sunbathing in my bikini with music in the ears. For some reason, Spotify stops, so I can hear the conversation between the two young men beside me. They don’t seem to get it that I can hear them when they say: ‘I don’t understand how you get the idea to put on a bikini when you look like her.’ ‘No, it’s not fucking hot.’ They laugh and leave, and I don’t have time to answer them. So now, I’m writing this in the hope that this reaches the two guys in question.

Now listen, friends. Women have hips, breasts, thighs and arms, whether or not they weigh 130 pounds. There’s just more of it. It’s perfectly normal and natural to put on a bikini when it’s 80 degrees out. It’s appalling that some men (and women) have such a distorted view about when a woman can put on a bikini and when she can’t. That a bikini body is, for some reason, something you only have if you’re slim and toned…

But now, I’ll tell you one thing. If I want to put on a bikini and flash my big thighs, my arms and my muffin-top belly, neither you nor anyone else has the right to say I can’t. If I want to dance down Main Street with my glorious breasts and butt like Justin Timberlake, I’ll do it!

A bikini body is a body wearing a bikini, regardless of size, shape and body-fat percentage. Just because I’m not a size zero (and never will be), doesn’t give me less of a right to sunbathe in my bikini. It’s okay to not like it, but to say that I can’t wear a bikini if ​​I don’t look like Jessica Alba is taking it too far. So, just to provoke you, check out this picture of me in my bikini.”

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