102-year-old beats COVID-19, returns home after two-week hospital stay

The United States recently passed a startling number of positive COVID-19 cases, 8 million.

And more than 220,000 people of all ages have died from the virus.

In early October, Della Hathorne’s son noticed she wasn’t feeling well.

“She just looked like she had no energy, couldn’t move,” he said about his 102-year-old mother.

She ended up in the hospital with COVID-19

While there have been many stories of those over 90 surviving COVID-19, the prognosis, isn’t always promising.

Older adults are considered to be at a higher risk for complications.

But despite the odds stacked against her, after a two-week hospital stay in Guthrie, Oklahoma, Della was able to leave the hospital.

“Can’t believe it. Because all the rules are you don’t make it through if you’re a certain age because it’s hard on them,” her son said.

“I just want to say, ‘Thank the Lord be.’ That’s what it is,” Della said.

What a remarkable recovery! May you continue to recover and live a healthy life.