12 family members contract coronavirus, the last one just left the hospital

While the news is littered with story after story of people dying from COVID-19, there are a number about those who have recovered. But perhaps none provide as much as does this story about a family in Texas.

Over the course of several weeks, 12 family members became sick with coronavirus. Recently, the last one was discharged from the hospital.


In mid-March, Bob Tejeda, 49, attended a party in Houston. When he returned home he didn’t feel well. He suspected coronavirus.

His sister, Selene Morrow, told KSAT, by the time he began to think the worse, he had already been around 11 other family members, some whom were infants and elderly parents.

“My mom and my dad were both admitted into the emergency room because they started feeling the same symptoms as my brother,” Morrow said.

While their parents and Tejeda had to be hospitalized – Tejeda spent 25 days in the ICU and was placed on a ventilator – the other nine family members were able to recover at home.

“It was extremely scary.”

Tejeda is currently in a rehabilitation facility and he will stay there for a few more weeks.

Until he’s able to reunite with the rest of his family, they are thankful everyone has recovered from the coronavirus.

“He is a pure miracle in the living right now,” Morrow said.

“This can happen to anyone. If it happened to us, it could happen to you.”

What a miracle. I’m so glad everyone has recovered and I hope Bob continues on his path to recovery.

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