7-month-old diagnosed with coronavirus despite family following proper guidelines

Courtney Barker and her family did everything right. They stayed at home for four weeks with Courtney’s husband, Kenyon, leaving only twice to get essentials, but it didn’t matter.

“It has still managed to make its way into our house.”

The “it” Courtney wrote about on her Facebook was coronavirus.

The mother of three said that she first began to notice something was wrong with her youngest son, Arthur, on April 2. She told CafeMom it wasn’t anything too bad, but it was still something she wanted to watch.

“He coughed maybe four times in the whole day,” she said.

However, that evening things took a turn for the worse and her 7-month-old son had to be rushed to the hospital.

“He closed his eyes and started grunting, so I jumped up pulled him out, and he felt very, very hot,” she said.

At the hospital, doctors monitored his temperature and heart rate, which at one point reached 102.7 degrees and 206 beats per minutes. Once his temperature and heart rate were under control he was sent home and his parents were told to return if the symptoms came back.

They returned not once, but twice. On the third trip the Barkers were told Arthur had coronavirus. Since there’s no treatment for coronavirus, the little boy was sent home again.

Thankfully, Arthur is on the mend, though the rest of his family have become ill – his 12-year-old brother was staying with his grandmother before the outbreak and will stay with her until his family is better.

Courtney shared Arthur’s story on Facebook in hopes that others would see that even if you do everything right, it’s possible to still catch the virus if someone else doesn’t do everything right.

“So PLEASE STAY HOME!” she wrote. “If you do have to leave wear gloves and a medical mask. When you get home strip off and wash everything! Is it really worth your life or anyone else’s life for the sake of a walk or a run? Or even a trip out in the car?”

Please, please, please stay home, and only go out if you absolutely must. This virus is no joke. It is not something to take lightly.

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