Family supports 3-year-old boy battling cancer by wearing superhero costumes to every chemo appointment

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is scary, especially when you’re only three years old.

Leone Hernandez was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2021, and while it’s the most common childhood cancer and is one of the most treatable, the treatment isn’t always easy.

It can give you an “ouchie.”

So to help Leone get through the necessary chemotherapy, he dressed up as a superhero, and then his family started dressing up too.


“We believe we have the superpowers that we need to face this battle,” his mother Natalia said. “We have to make sure Leo feels that.”

The family of four bought a variety of superhero costumes for their family to wear to every chemo and doctor appointment.

“We do it to make sure he feels the power.”


Leone’s doctor, Dr. Laura Klesse, said the little boy’s family’s support is just as important as the chemo.

“Their family has taken this with, we’re family, we’re taking this, and we’re all going to do it together.”

I also believe that a family and community’s support will help someone heal faster. So I think what this family is doing for their little boy is amazing.

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