“I beat cancer” – 4-year-old celebrates his last chemo with parade and balloons

Instead of living the carefree and fun life every 4-year-old deserves Martin has spent the last two years fighting leukemia.

He’s had to endure frequent hospital visits and painful treatments, all with not much understanding of why.

Then the coronavirus pandemic hit the country so his parents were forced to navigate their son’s treatment through mandatory lockdown rules.

Despite the obstacles in their way and two years of tough treatment, this sweet boy from Argentina was finally given the all clear.

Just as his parents had not let the lockdown get in the way of their son’s treatment, they weren’t going to let it hamper their celebrations.

The family of five decorated their car with balloons and posters with the words Today is my last chemo” and “I beat cancer” and drove around Villa Gesell in the Buenos Aires Province.

Posting a selfie of the family’s beaming faces with Martin sitting on the car on social media, thousands were moved to comment on this little boy’s happy announcement.

Mom Daiana said their story had given many people hope and she always knew this day would come.

She added: “It was a super emotional celebration … we jumped, we hugged, wept, all together!”

I’m so happy that Martin has recovered and can now enjoy all the fun he deserves in life. Please share to wish Martin and his family well.