Chick-fil-A has hilarious response after a car drove through their restaurant

Two juvenile suspects recently drove a car through the front of a Chick-fil-A in Athens, Georgia. Fortunately the restaurant was empty at the time of the early morning crash and no one was injured, but the store sustained damage.

Despite the mess of glass and tables, the restaurant managed to find some humor in the situation.


According to Athens-Clarke County PIO Geoff Gilland, around 3:45 a.m. an officer spotted a car driving “in a way that attracted his attention.” They ran the car’s tag number and discovered it was stolen.

The officer attempted to pull the vehicle over, but the suspect failed to stop. Another officer caught sight of the car and attempted to stop the car, but also failed.

The suspects lost control and crashed the car into a Chick-fil-A.

(Facebook/Athens-Clarke County Fire and Emergency Services)

Images of the accident show a car in the middle of the restaurant with broken glass, tables, and debris strewn about.

(Facebook/Athens-Clarke County Fire and Emergency Services)

The young female driver was taken to a youth detention facility, while a second juvenile, who was also in the car, was initially taken into custody before being released to his parents.

Following the accident Chick-fil-A poked fun at their unfortunate situation.

“Cars this way,” read one sign. “Not this way,” read the other sign.

The driver of the vehicle faces a charge for eluding police, stealing a vehicle, and several several traffic charges, according to FOX 5.

I can’t stop laughing at their response. That’s the way to handle a tough situation.

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