Ellen’s Guest Shows Off Her New ‘Adjust-a-Bust’ Bra.

In 2014, Ellen Degeneres heard about an unusual new beauty treatment. Apparently, a doctor in New York was offering temporary breast enlargements that last about a day—because 24-hour DD cups are just what women have always wanted, right? Well, umm… To put it in perspective, Ellen summed up the ridiculous procedure like this: “It’s like Cinderella except that after midnight, instead of losing your slipper, you lose your pumpkins,” she joked. The talk show host went on to explain that another doctor was promoting so-called “vacation breasts” for the woman looking to increase her chest size for a more lengthy 2-3 weeks. For $2,500 you can have bigger boobs on the beach, but not carry the extra back strain home with you.

Exactly what we’ve all been asking for, I know! Not to be outdone, Ellen came up with her product to temporarily enhance your bust size. For only $2,501, Ellen offered her audience the amazing new Adjust-a-Bust bra. It’s an inflatable bra that lets you blow up your breasts to the size watermelons in seconds flat. For those who have a hard time visualizing what that would look like, Ellen offered help. She brought out an guest to test out the invention in front of the audience. Check out the hilarious results below!

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