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Julie Was Fed Up With Others Parking In Her Driveway. Now Her Vengeance Is Being Cheered By The Whole Internet.

People who park on the other driveways and block the way out for others are just really… well annoying. I understand that it can be difficult to find a decent parking, but infringing on others’ space (and forcing them in turn to circle for a long time to find a different spot) is just selfish and irresponsible. Julie Geue from Crowborough, UK, was tired of drivers repetitively parking in her driveway, and at last decided to do something about it. Now the 48-year-old woman’s revenge has thousands online giving her a virtual ‘thumbs-up’. Read on to discover her brilliant solution… you will love this.

It all started a few weeks ago when Julie had enough of drivers illegally standing on her plot. She decided to take matters into her own hands.

Because her driveway needed new gravel, she came up with an idea. She ordered one tonne of gravel from a construction company and asked that the bag be delivered right behind the illegally parked car. The offender had two choices: Either to leave their car there… or, well… start shoveling.


She also placed a note in the bag along with a small shovel. “Good luck,” she wrote.

“After public consultation, it was voted that this was all you were allowed… to dig your way to freedom. Please also be aware of the CCTV Cameras… so smile when you work … ”

car 2

When the driver of the illegally parked car came to pick up his car, he was flabbergasted.

“The offender in this case claims to have made a genuine error and got confused about which house he should be parking in front of. Unfortunately, after over ten years of putting up with lazy, obnoxious and rude, often threatening, people doing the this I no longer care if it’s a genuine mistake or not,” Julie wrote on Facebook.

According to Julie, others parking on her lot happens at least three times a week, so she often has a hard time parking on her own driveway.

“I live across from the train station which is supposed to be convenient for me… I have a driveway with space for four cars, but instead, people use up my space to be able to park for free!”

car 3


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