McDonald’s cuts farmer’s hedge to set up sign – isn’t prepared for his revenge

McDonald’s wanted to attract more customers to one of its restaurants in Hampshire, England, so the fast food chain set up a tall sign along the road.

But management quickly realized that the sign wouldn’t be visible because of a hedge that stood on the side of the road. So they simply cut it down – without asking the landowner for permission.

Now, the farmer who owns the land has gotten his sweet revenge – and the entire internet is cheering his clever move.

This was what it looked after McDonald’s set up its sign. A big hedge blocked the sign and you could only see the top of it.

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The fast food chain decided to cut down the bush without questioning the farmer who owned the land.

But it didn’t take long before the sign was blocked again – by hay bales.

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The farmer’s brilliant revenge is now being celebrated on social media, and most people think that McDonald’s is at fault since it cut down the farmer’s hedge without asking.

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