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10 Life-Changing Life Hacks That You Can Try Right Now.

Now that it’s spring, I have BBQing on the mind. But there’s on thing that’s always bugged me about outdoor grilling—lighter fluid. I can’t stand the taste it adds to meat and I’m not a big fan of the smell, either. So I was psyched when I was watching this video on different life hacks to see that there’s a a quick fix to this problem. The solution is genius and if you’re planning a BBQ, you probably already have this alternative fluid in your cupboard. Your new charcoal igniter? Potato chips! I remember a friend lighting some Pringles back when we were teens, and I was amazed by how evenly they burned. He was only burning one chip at a time, but throw a pile onto your grill and those thin, greasy chips will save you from ever buying lighter fluid again. And who wouldn’t rather bite into a juicy burger that has a slight hint of potato chip to it instead of an overwhelming lighter fluid flavor? But that’s just one of the tips in the amazingly helpful video. There’s also a surprising low-tech way to increase your chances that you find your again cell phone if you ever should lose it. There’s a better way to peel a kiwi fruit. And there’s even a dead simple way to save yourself from getting scalded or shocked by a shower that’s too hot or cold. Everything in the video can be done in less than a few minutes, with some hacks taking as little as a few seconds of your time. And all 10 of these life hacks are definitely worth a look… or the video wouldn’t have already racked up 16 million views. Check it out below!

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