15,000 dominos in 8 days – now watch her intricate masterpiece fall into place

Anyone who has ever attempted to line up a bunch of dominos knows exactly how much care and patience it requires. Even the slightest slip of hand could risk seeing the entire creation destroyed before it is even finished.

But, while some put their effort into mastering the game of tiles, YouTuber and professional domino artist, Havesh5, embarked on a much larger project: 15,000 brightly coloured dominos stacked up into an elaborate triple helix.

With 25 hours of careful planning and precise set-up, spread over eight days, the perfect synchronisation of falling tiles is truly a spectacular sight to behold.

In just a few day this clip has been seen by nearly 12 million people – you, too, can watch it below and congratulate Havesh5 on her hard work by sharing it with you friends.

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