8 Awesome Ornaments You Can Make With Your Cookie Cutters This Christmas.

8 Awesome Ornaments You Can Make With Your Cookie Cutters This Christmas.

Cookie cutters are not just the most useful thing ever when you want to bake fun-shaped cookies – it turns out they are extremely useful for making Christmas tree ornaments. I absolutely loved these 8 cool hacks. My favorite was number 4, which as luck has it, is also the simplest to make, if you ask me. Some take a bit more time or energy than others, but all in all, I would say these are all pretty easy to make. And they’re certainly all super pretty! They’re also all very creative and original, unique pieces that will draw attention. Your guests will want to know where you go them. Share this with anyone you know who might want to give one or more of these a shot!

1. Peppermint ornaments


Create beautiful (and sweet!) red and white tree ornaments. Place a small handful of peppermint candies into your cookie cutters and place on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. Bake at 180C (350F) for 3 to 9 minutes.
Get the full recipe here.

2. Bird seed ornaments


Birds should also thoroughly enjoy the holidays. Buy a bird seed mix and combine with a little flour and gelatine. Place in cookie cutters and insert a drinking straw in the top to make a hole for the string that will hold them up. Let dry for three hours or more, then slide a string or ribbon through the hole for hanging.
Get full instructions here.

3. Wood ornaments


Decorating your tree with unique wood pictures will certainly draw attention to your tree. Make with help of your cookie cutters and draw on pretty holiday-theme pictures onto each one. These would also make awesome gifts!
Get the full instructions here.

4. Washi tape ornaments


Have some older cookie cutters you have been thinking of discarding for years but simply can’t bring yourself to? Here’s an awesome solution. Simply wrap your favorite washi tape around the cutter, slip some string or twine through, and hang! Gorgeous and definitely original.
See the full tutorial here.

5. Creative bead ornaments


This one is tons of fun and will certainly appeal to the kids. Simply fill up your cookie cutters with your choice of colored beads and place on baking paper. Heat in over until melted. This is totally worth doing with the kids on a weekend afternoon. The result is just adorable.
Take a look at the instructions here.

6. Frame it!


This I loved. Stencil out and cut out gift wrapping paper or old Christmas cards and simply glue to the back of holiday-themed cookie cutters. I thought this could also work well with small pieces of unused wallpaper you may have lying around.
Get the full instructions to these pretty ornaments here.

7. Wrap in yarn


Wrap your cookie cutters with yarn and hang. I would perhaps die the yarn in different colors for added punch. Just lovely.
Take a look at the full how-to here.

8. Gorgeous gifts


Give your cookie-cutters major makeover using decorative paper, ribbon, and anything else you can think of. These certainly make adorable gifts you can present friends or family with this season.
Get more info on how to make these here

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