9 Upcycled Crate Ideas To Add Style To Your Home Inside and Out.

Reminiscent of a bygone era, crates have air of history and faraway places to them. But these wooden containers are still sometimes used to ship things like fruit and wine. And with the right touch, you can adapt them to give any room a vintage feel or even modern elegance. Scroll down for nine DIY ideas that will add style to any home or garden.

1. Magazine Rack

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This classic crate hack is as easy as can be. Just grab a crate or two from a local craft shop, thrift store, or garage sale. Then, paint it (or not), let it dry, and sand it down. Finally, turn the crate on its side and you’ve got a faux vintage magazine rack.

2. Children’s Room Storage

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One of the main reasons children’s bedrooms get so messy (besides kids having so much fun!) is a lack of places to put things. These storage shelves go perfectly with all of your child’s colorful books and toys. Paint crates your child’s favorite color and then decorate them with stickers and glitter to give them a playful look. Stack them next to and on top of each other and your children’s favorite books and play things are ready to go and easy to stow.

3. Office Desk

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Consider a crate desk to create old world charm or anchor your modern industrial decor. If you look around, you should be able to find the right crates to form the building blocks of your new home office.

4. Room Divider

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Break up your living space with crates to create the perfect room divider. Stack them in any combination and paint them a light color to accent your room. And when you’re ready for a change, paint them a different color or rearrange them for a whole new look!

5. Shelves

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Creating free-standing shelves is easier than it looks. All it takes are a drill, some metal angle slots, bolts, and a few crates to create attractive shelves for your office, kitchen, nursery, or den.

6. Pet Bed

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Create a cozy pet bed for your cat or small dog with a crate and a pillow. Remove a slat or two from one side of the crate to so your pet can get in and out easily. Then, paint the crate and sand it down to give it a classic look. Your cat or dog will snooze in style!

7. Hanging Shelves

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Connect two or three crates together with metal brackets and they become classy crate shelves that will enhance the decor of any room. After staining or paint your crates, let them dry before fastening the brackets to the bottom of the crates. Once your crates are connect, they’re ready to hang.

8. Shoe Rack

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Tidy up your foyer or mud room with this new take on the shoe rack. All it takes are some crates, some paint, screws, and a drill, and you’re on your way. Consider painting each crate a different color (while considering the overall effect) to create a welcoming entrance to your home.

9. Flower Beds

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There’s nothing like a crates to create the perfect bed for flowers. Crate planters give your yard a vintage farm feel and are strong enough to last for years.

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