A simple and cheap hack for the most delicious strawberries this summer

Now that we’ve all got through arguably the worst month of the year and hit February we can start to look forward to warmer weather and the beautiful blooms of spring.

For those of you with an urge to get ready for the growing season, you may want to consider a very cheap and simple way of growing one of the healthiest fruits – strawberries.

Not only do strawberries look great growing in your garden, but they are also a nutritional powerhouse.


A serving of just 8 strawberries gives you the recommended daily amount of vitamin C which in turn boosts your immune function and helps form vital parts of your body like blood vessels, cartilage, muscle, and collagen in your bones. It also helps your body absorb iron from plant foods and is an antioxidant that fights free radicals believed to be linked to heart disease and cancer.

Often the pots garden centers recommend for growing strawberries can be expensive, but this tip offers a cheaper alternative – a laundry basket.


March and April are ideal months to grow strawberries, so once you’ve sourced your laundry basket, hamper, or anything with holes you will need a garbage bag to contain your strawberry plants.

The possible tricky part to this set up is sourcing a narrow plastic tube which you will then need to drill holes in. This will ensure that when you water your strawberry plant the water will reach all the roots and allow them to breathe.


Make sure the garbage or fabric sac inside your basket is secured either by tying or using clips to keep it in place, then put the tube in the center and you can start planting.

Pests love these seasonal fruits so keep an eye on your plants as they bloom into those delicious red morsels and remove any diseased leaves.

Then give it a sunny spot and some space and watch it grow into opportunities for all kinds of delicious strawberry treats throughout the summer.


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