Clever trick to relieve pain is spreading like wildfire online

We all feel aches and pains from time to time—maybe not so bad that we need to see a doctor, but I’m sure you’ll agree that even low level pain can be annoying.

What do you do when you feel sore or uncomfortable? Take a painkiller? I used to too, but lately, I’ve been trying to avoid pain medication if at all possible.

These days, I’m on the lookout for alternatives to pain medication, so when I heard about this trick, I decided to give it a try. It’s quick, easy, and you don’t need to buy anything to give it a try.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already at least somewhat familiar with acupuncture. But have you heard about using your ears to relieve pain in your chest?

The idea is that each ear contains a complete map of the body, including pressure points and nerve endings that transmit signals to the central nervous system and the whole body.

Six specific points on each ear are said to be associated with pain and tenderness elsewhere in the body, and by applying pressure to these points, you can relieve pain in their corresponding areas and organs.


The top portion of the ear is connected to the back and shoulders. Place a clothespin here for about a minute and the stress in your shoulders should decrease.


Place the clothespin farther down your ear to connect to your internal organs. If you’re feeling intense pain in any of your organs, seek medical attention.

But for less acute pain or discomfort, try putting a clothespin (or pinching two fingers together) on this point. It will give you the inner relief you’re looking for.


The upper middle part of the ear is most closely associated with joint pain and stiffness.

Press this spot with a clothespin or your fingers to provide some much-needed moments of relief. If you have chronic pain, you should visit a doctor. But why not try this simple method first?


The lower middle portion of the ear is connected to the sinuses and throat. If you want some relief for colds or sinus infections, put pressure on this point.


Right above the ear lobe is a point often associated with digestion. By using a clothespin to create pressure here, you can soothe your stomach.

If you often feel nauseous, you can also use this method as a preventative measure.


The lowest pressure point on the earlobe is said to be connected to the two main parts of the body: the head and heart. Apply pressure here to relieve headaches. It may prove to be quite effective.


According to scientists, it’s not entirely clear what happens in the body during acupuncture, but it’s believed that the treatment releases the body’s own pain-relieving substances called endorphins into your system.

But even though this trick should never take precedence over medical advice and scientifically proven treatments, I will definitely give “ear acupuncture” a try, either with a clothespin or just my fingertips.

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