Dig a hole and use an old tire – how to transform your garden with this ingenious trick

For decades they had their homes either abandoned on the streets or in the dump, but in recent years it’s become an increasingly popular practise to recycle old tires. Yes, instead of throwing them out or just leaving them to look unhappy, people are now using them to create beautiful garden fixtures bursting with life.

Yep, you read that correctly. Old tires may look shabby at first glance, but with a little imagination they can be turned into beautiful garden ponds!

You don’t need much material and it’s something anyone can do in their own home – it’s even possible to play about a bit with the design depending on what suits your flavour. And, best of all, by encouraging biodiversity in your garden, you can make the ecosystem more resilient.

Have a look through the tips below and see for yourself how different homemakers have improved their gardens with these beautiful ponds. When you’re done, you’re more than welcome to share this article to show your friends and family on Facebook!

What you need

  • A large tire
  • Stones of various shapes and sizes
  • A spade
  • A jig saw
  • Plastic dust sheet
  • Gravel and sand

What to do

1. Start by digging a hole in the ground the same size as the tire. Be sure to test frequently to ensure the tire fits perfectly in the hole, and then lay it in place.

2. Using the saw, cut the top of the tire so that it becomes a thin edge, as seen below:

3. Now cover the tire in the dust sheet. Push down all parts thoroughly and make sure it’s covering the entire tire without leaving any open spaces or gaps.

4. Take the sand and pile it on the inside of the tire to fix it in place. Shovel gravel on top of the sand and press it down with the back of the spade so that the two stick together.

5. Now for the fun part: Decoration! Here you can get creative with stones of different shapes and sizes to give it your own personal touch. Once done, you can embellish the pond with greenery, plants and flowers by planting them in soil around the tire’s edge.

6. Last but not least, take a water hose and fill the hole with water. Your beautiful garden pond is now ready!

The best part is you can make your pond truly unique to you.

You can pick between different rocks, plants and flowers. You can utilize small ornaments or statues, take advantage of lighting fixtures or lamps. You can even put small fish in the water and create your own thriving ecosystem.

*On a side note, you will have to replace the water from time to time, so keep an eye out for when it gets too dirty.

If you have some extra space in your garden, this is the perfect project to try this summer.

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