Don’t waste money on expensive pedicures – these two ingredients from the kitchen can save your feet

You may not be aware, but well-kept feet have more benefits than just purely aesthetic.

How your feet feel can also affect your general health – yet, our feet are often neglected.

That’s why I especially appreciated this hack I recently came across: it’s a very simple way to take care of tired, cracked feet – without paying expensive salon fees. 

All you need are two ingredients that most people have at home, right in the pantry.

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Many treat themselves to pedicures regularly. While there is nothing wrong with that, these can get expensive, especially in the long run. 

Special products also often claim to pamper your feet, but those also often come with a hefty price tag.

Fortunately, you can make your very own foot treatment using just 2 ingredients which you most likely already have right at home in your own kitchen.

You need: 

About 1 liter milk 
3 tbsp baking powder



Heat the milk on the stove until it is very hot, then pour into a large bowl, where you will be dipping your feet.

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Pour the baking soda in the large foot tub. Mix until the powder dissolves and the temperature cools down just enough for you to be able to slip your feet in. 

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Then, simply sit back, relax and bathe your feet for 10 minutes in healing liquid.


When finished, rinse your feet with warm water and dry them thoroughly. If you do this several times a week, your feet will be soft, smooth and quite happy!

So instead of letting your feet look like this …


Give your feet some love and watch them look more like this:


It doesn’t always have to cost a lot to pamper yourself – often, tradiitional home cures are truly the best – and cheapest – methods out there.

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