Hack: How black pepper can do wonders for washing your clothes

I think pretty much everyone has been in just about the same situation.

You have a brand new, lovely shirt that you appreciate very much. But after just a few washes, you already notice the color is starting to fade. 

There’s plenty of science out there (and fancy products) that claim to be best for caring for your clothes. But here’s a home remedy that you may have never heard of when it comes to upkeeping your clothes’ vibrant colors.

The secret? A pinch of black pepper.

You need: Black pepper.

What you need to do: Put a teaspoon of black pepper along with your clothes the next time you do you wash colored garments. Wash at the lowest possible temperature.

How it works: Pepper acts as an abrasive and helps the clothes to maintain their color.

Bonus tip 1:

flickr / Chris Martin

Want even whiter clothes? Try pouring in a small cup of white vinegar when you’re washing your whites.

Bonus tip 2:

flickr / Joanna Bourne

Want even sharper colors, try adding a cup of salt in the washing machine while the rinse program is in motion. 

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