He decorates his house with lights, but keep an eye on the window in the middle

I can’t help it. I absolutely love Halloween. The costumes, the candy, the festive crisp autumn air that comes along with it… This said, I will quickly admit the following: I do NOT love Halloween as much as Kevin Judd, whose house speaks volumes about how much he loves the holiday.

Kevin transformed his ordinary house, in the middle of a quiet residential area in California, US, into a light show that is guaranteed to stimulate everyone’s retinas (and, let’s be honest, his electricity bill). The elaborate light show comprises four singing jack-o’-lantern-faces, tombstones, pumpkins and what appears to be thousands of LEDs, which Kevin all arranged himself. Instead of the run of the mill pumpkins or skeletons on his front lawn, this man took things to a whole other level. And it’s pretty incredible to witness just what level.

Watch for yourself below.

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