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He Puts Aluminium Foil Over An Iron Board And Reveals Great Tricks Everyone Should Know.

Aluminium foil has saved me so many times, especially in the kitchen. But it’s not just in the kitchen that the shiny metal paper can be incredibly useful. As it turns out, it works really well in helping to move furniture smoothly… a tip I received the last time I was moving. Then, in this video, I discovered another clever way that aluminum foil can help- it all starts when you spread it out on an ironing board. As a procrastinator, I am always waiting until the last minute to iron my clothes – that’s why this trick will come in especially handy for me. I think it’s great that more people should also see this to potentially save them time too. Others were perhaps already aware of this cool hack, but I certainly wasn’t – and that’s why I’m passing it on.

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