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He Sticks A Fork In His Door Frame And Reveals A Hack That Can Save Your Life.

Ever wish your door locked? Yeah, me too. That was especially the case when I was a teenager, when my privacy was more important to me than ever. But bottom line is, we all need some privacy now and then. And sometimes we don’t necessarily feel like locking ourselves in the bathroom. Here’s a quick and great remedy for privacy in a home where, aside from the front door and bathrooms, your doors feature no locks. You can pay a locksmith for a new door knob with lock, or… you can create a sturdy, home-made lock for yourself. You need: a fork. Yes, that’s pretty much it. When I first came across this, the truth is thought that it sounded rather ridiculous. Locking your door with a fork? Seriously? Then… I watched the video. Take a look for yourself, you may find yourself convinced, too.

The first thing you need is a fork. It should have relatively long prongs, and the handle should not be too thick. Make sure the fork you choose for this project fits that criteria, otherwise you will likely experience issues along the way.

1. Put your fork in the door frame hole of the door you wish to create a lock for. Then draw along the edge where the hole meets the edge. When you remove the fork, the marks thus indicate how deep the hole is.



2. Set the fork in a vise to be hammered down where you noted the depth of the hole. Hammer the fork until it is bent to 90 degrees.




3. Use a saw to detach the the fork handle from the prongs, as shown below.


4. Try sliding your handle through the fork’s prongs. If the handle is too thick and won’t go through, file it until it fits.


5. Insert the bent fork prongs into your door frame and close the door.



6. Insert the fork handle through the fork’s prongs.


7. And voila! Your door is locked!


Take a look at this video for clear step-by-step instructions:

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