Here’s The Japanese Gift Wrapping Technique Everyone Is Talking About.

There’s always a lot to do before Christmas. I actually tend to enjoy the kind of tasks that accompany the holiday season… Wrapping gifts however is not one of them. I am somewhat clumsy and end up disappointed with the way I wrapped something. It’s always tricky for me, for some reason and I might even say that gift-wrapping is the most stressful part of the holiday season for me. So when I came across this neat Japanese-inspired wrapping hack, you can imagine my glee. The video shows a clever, quick way to wrap your gifts. It’s so simple that I think even I can manage it. One thing I especially liked with this wrapping technique is how much wrapping paper you save. The method requires only the specific amount of paper you need to cover your gift in its entirety, and very little tape. YouTube user “BeatTheBush” observed this wrapping technique in Japan and reveals it here in his step-by-step YouTube video. From start to finish, the wrapping process must take no longer than 15-20 seconds. One thing is certain: no more clumpy, messy gifts from me this year.  

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