How To Make DIY Roman Shades On A Budget.

White mini blinds—they look decent enough when you first install them. But after they start to yellow and a few slats break, you’re probably ready to throw them in the trash. But don’t toss your old blinds just yet. This video tutorial shows how simple and inexpensive it is to turn them into beautiful Roman shades. But what are Roman shades, you ask? While you might not know them by name, you’ve definitely seen them. They’re those fabric window coverings that are visibly smooth when closed, but evenly stacked when pulled up. And why Roman shades? Because the use your old blind’s pully system to open and shut your window, but they look much better. You can choose any fabric you’d like to give your room a new look.

If you’ve ever crafted before, you probably already have most of the things you’ll need. Here’s the complete list:

White faux wood blinds
Thick upholstery fabric
Decoupage and bowl
Foam brush
Tape measure

Before you choose your fabric, we should mention one thing. The back of the shades in the video are unfinished. If you want them to look beautiful from the outside of your home as well, just buy a second length of fabric and attach it to the back of the shades.

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