How To Open A Wine Bottle With Your House Key.

Australian, Californian, or French. I like most types of wines and maybe that’s also why I have several wine openers at home. But inevitably, there are still times when you end up somewhere without any corkscrews. So what do you do when you’re enjoying dinner under the stars and you realize you left your corkscrew in your kitchen drawer? Relax, there’s always a solution. And the one in the video below is the smartest approach I’ve seen yet. Best of all? All you need is a house key—so unless you forgot your keys as well, you’ll be popping that cork in no time!

Sure, it’s not going to change the world, but this trick should save people some frustration. Please share this tip so that less people accidentally end up with their favorite Chardonnay on the floor or risk getting pieces of cork in their Merlot.

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