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How To Use Your Stroller To Its Fullest Potential.

I recently had one of those days… I was out with my daughter, pushing her along in the stroller on the way home from the supermarket. When a potential client called, I answered my phone. Then, while I was talking, my daughter suddenly got thirsty. I went to grab her juice bottle, but as soon as I let go of the stroller handle, the weight of all the groceries I had hanging from the back of it pulled the whole thing backwards. The handle hit the juice bottle, soaking my purse, I dropped my phone, and my daughter started crying. Argh! Then, when I got home, I checked my messages and saw this video in my inbox. How ironic! If only I’d seen it a couple hours earlier…  

The video, by WhatsUpMoms, shares 12 awesome stroller hacks that are designed to prevent things like what happened to me from happening.

For example, there’s a great tip about adding weight to the front of your stroller so it does not tip over backwards when you’re trying to balance a carload of stuff on the back of it. And they also Recommend using carabiners to hang your bags to the back of your stroller, and even shoe organizer bags to organize your drinks.

Great ideas! They all would’ve helped me that day, but I’m grateful to have learned them. Because my baby is still going to cry and I’m still going to get work calls, but at least my stroller won’t bring me to the tipping point anymore.

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