Husband And Wife Live In $1.5 Million Dollar Cave House Together.

When Cathy and Randy bought land in Arizona to build their dream home, there was only one problem. The land was too steep to build a house on. But then one day while Cathy was out exploring the couple’s property, she heard a massive explosion from her neighbor’s property. It turns out, their neighbor, a mining engineer, was blasting into the side of the mountain in order to create a contemporary cave home. Cathy and Randy realized that this was the solution to their problem and quickly enlisted their neighbor to create a cave home for them, as well. Featuring high ceilings and 2,568 square feet of beautiful underground space, the house contains a kitchen, dining room, living room, and loft bed. Cathy feels a deep connection to house and wonders if there’s something in our DNA passed down from our prehistoric cave-dwelling ancestors. I’m not sure, but I do know that this contemporary house would be easy to feel at home in. See Cathy’s unique cave house in the video below.  

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