I always hated cleaning the shower – but this trick is so easy it’s now fun

Having a neat and tidy home is important for many people – not least myself.

But it’s so easy to let things fall by the wayside when it comes to actually cleaning – because it isn’t the most fun thing in the world.

We’re all busy with work, families, and a hundred other things, but that’s why this extremely quick and easy trick to clean your shower is so useful.

Bathrooms are a particularly problematic part of the house, as they can get dirty very fast. Dirty tiles, stained sinks and a lower water pressure from your shower, are all problems that can occur if you don’t clean properly.

Sure, you can buy expensive cleaners, or perhaps hire a cleaner, but there is a cheap and quick solution that is closer at hand than you might think.

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Okay, all showers may not be as dirty as the one in the picture above. But sometimes, they still need a good clean.

Following this trick will give a guaranteed fast way of treating all types of dirt on most surfaces.

Best of all? You only need two ingredients and a couple of utensils:

250 ml liquid detergent

250 ml of warm white vinegar 

1 funnel

1 spray bottle


Heat the vinegar on the stove. It should be very warm, but not so much that you burn yourself.

You should still be able to dip your finger in it.

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Use the funnel to fill up the spray bottle with detergent and vinegar. Mix it by simply rolling the bottle around, rather than shaking it too vigorously.

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Then you can spray a small amount on the surface you want to clean and rub it lightly with a sponge. 

Tip:  Be careful with rubber seals and silicone joints, which can be damaged by vinegar. 

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Leave it for about 30 minutes before washing the dirty area with cold water. 

You will notice how easily stains disappear. 

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Feel free to use the mixture in more places than just the bathroom, so that everything is spotlessly clean. 

You may experience a certain pungent smell of vinegar at first, but do not worry: it disappears by itself after a short time. 

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Then, you could leave the spray bottle somewhere where you can easily pick it up when you need to do a quick clean. 

Do you know someone who should use this clever tip? 

Please share this trick with others, so that more can speed up that sad part of everyday life called housekeeping!


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