Life hack: Brush your teeth with activated charcoal to make them white

Having yellow or discolored teeth is no one’s idea of fun. There are many people the world over who wish they had a whiter smile.

If you’re like me, you might opt for tooth-whitening as a remedy. Of course, it’s far from an ideal solution – it’s not only expensive, but also full of chemicals that some researchers have linked to cancer.

And yet I used them up until a short time ago. It was a talk with my grandma that changed things, actually, as she had a great trick. She’s been drinking coffee her entire life and used to be a heavy smoker, but she still has white teeth… without ever having bleached them. How? Well, I’ll tell you. I didn’t think it would work until I tried it myself.

The secret? Activated charcoal.

As per certain sources, activated charcoal has properties that act as an adhesive, removing such things as coffee stains, wine stains, tea stains and even general plaque.

Because activated charcoal is completely harmless to ingest – it’s actually sold in health food stores in tablet form – it doesn’t incur similar risks to other chemical-based tooth remedies.

That said, there are concerns over the abrasive qualities of charcoal. It may wear you teeth if you use it too often, so dentists recommend you don’t use it more than once a week.

Here’s how to use it:

1. Crush a tablet of activated charcoal and pour a little of the powder into a cup.

2. Use a teaspoon to stir the mixture so that it creates a batter-like substance.

3. Rub the mixture gently over the exposed areas of your teeth.

4. Wait 3 minutes, then rinse your mouth.

As simple as that!

This trick seems to have worked for many people, so it’s worth a shot at the very least! Activated charcoal can be purchased at any health store and isn’t expensive to buy.

Below you can watch a video on how to make a slightly more advanced version of the paste:

Share this smart life-hack with your friends and family so that they, too, get white teeth in just a few minutes, without having to spend a fortune at the dentists!