Massage this spot on your hand – then be amazed by what happens to your body

These days, everyone knows that massages can help relieve muscle tension. But the idea that you can soothe head and neck pain by applying pressure to a specific point on your foot may come as a surprise to many.

This trick is several thousand years old and comes from an ancient Chinese medical system called acupressure. The ancient Chinese realized that if you put pressure on one part of your body, you can provide relief to another area of your body.

One of the places that relates to head and neck tension is a pressure point called GB 39. You can find it just above the ankle bone on the outside of either leg. And while it might seem odd, trust me—your foot and your neck are definitely connected.

This trick is perfect if you lead a stressful life or spend most of your day at a computer and have frequent neck pain.

Scroll down to see how it’s done:

Place your hand over your ankle with your pinky finger at the bottom of your ankle and your other fingers above it. Then, slide your index finger back to the soft area just behind your tibia leg bone. This is pressure point GB 39.

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Then, using your thumb, apply pressure to this point for about one minute.

Concentrate on your breath. It should be deep and continuous.

Slowly increase the pressure until you reach the threshhold for pain.

Try to relax your muscles even as you continue to apply pressure to this point.

After the minute is up, slowly reduce the pressure and then massage the pressure point for a few seconds.

Do you have trouble reaching your ankles? No worries! You can also release head and neck tension by applying pressure to a point in your hands called LI 4.

Here’s how to find it: Holding your hand flat, find the crease between your thumb and index finger. This point is located in the soft flesh just under the bone of your index finger.

foot 2
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This time, the pressure point is different, but the method is the same. Hold pressure for one minute, focus on your breathing, and increase the pressure until you reach your threshold for pain, release the pressure slowly, and massage the pressure point for a little while afterward.

Acupressure is closely related to acupuncture and helps relive mild pain. If you have a lot of pain, consult a doctor.

This is something you can even try at the office! Watch this video for more help in locating these pressure points. The directions for finding GB 39 starts at the 2:45 mark.

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