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Office worker creates magic with an ordinary coffee stick

It’s just after lunch. We gather our energy, put ourselves right back at work full force and what seems like an eternity later, look at the clock. Just 10 minutes have passed.

This all too familiar experience affects the very best of us. And clearly, it affected the guy in the below video.

Seemingly bored out of his mind at work, the gentlemen in this video has found himself a rather odd passtime.

And thanks to his unusual creativity and a simple coffee stick – he makes magic happen. Have a watch for yourself below.

With the help of a coffee stick, this guy really finds an interesting way to pass his time at the office. He makes music with it.

He magically manages to ‘play’ Star Wars’ classic Imperial March by moving the stick back and forth on the edge of his desk. 

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube, has in just a few days been seen by over 1 million people – and after watching it myself, I understand why. 

Say what you want about this guy’s work ethics – what he came up with is brilliant! 

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