Parents Bought A TV Unit For Their 2-Year-Old But The Transformation Left Me Speechless. Such Creativity!

Recycling old furniture is an increasingly popular trend we are seeing today, and I certainly have no objection to it. It allows for more original and unique pieces to be created and is usually good for the environment. These parents had a very brilliant idea for their 2-year-old’s son upcoming birthday. Figuring out what to get someone for their birthday is not always easy, and this can certainly be true when it comes to an energetic, curious 2-year-old. And Andrew and his wife wanted to do things a little differently for their son. After some planning, they decided to create a very innovative and unique kind of gift. It all started with an old TV unit… The result? These parents are seriously ctreative.

1. Andrew and his wife began by buying an old, used dresser for $20.

2. They removed the doors and thoroughly sanded the unit down.


3. They created a hole in a newly installed plywood shelf and set a stainless steel dog bowl in it.

4. Then, a faucet. All materials were purchased from a nearby flea market.

5. They cut four additional holes in the plywood shelf.

6. They replaced the original glass door with plywood.

7. They repaint the entire unit– at a cost of about $8.

8. The ‘stovetop’ was covered with plexiglass and spray painted black.

9. Battery-powered LED loops were installed to provide “warmth” to the stovetop.

10. And in the oven, naturally. Otherwise, how would you bake your pizza?

11. Not a silly kitchen at all!

12. Here he is, opening up his massive and very unique gift!

13. Which he enjoys very, very much 🙂


I was super impressed with these parents’ wonderful birthday gift to their son. I really like that they resorted to their creativity instead of heading straight for the toy store. Please share this lovely gift if you think these parents deserve a round of applause.

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