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Say Goodbye To Your Dirty Oven Racks Thanks To This Brilliant Trick. Genius!

The oven is something many of us use extensively at home, but let’s be honest – How often do we clean it? While I may find myself giving my oven and stove top a superficial wipe on the outside relatively often – the grimy inside is sadly oft forgotten. I’ve gotten quite often to my oven racks looking more black than their original steel/silver. Yep, that can’t be good. That’s precisely why I was rather overjoyed (and inspired!) when I discovered this cool oven-cleaning hack online. The trick is both simple and smart – and really appears to work, so I absolutely had to share it here as well as with all my friends. Now, I won’t lie and say I’ve already tried it – but it is way up on my to-do list. What’s certain though is that it appears to work very, very well and I can’t wait to see the results for myself!


1. Place an old towel in your tub, to prevent scratches.

2. Place your oven racks in the towel and fill the tub with very hot water until the oven racks are covered.

3. Add about one deciliter of detergent in the water. I have also heard of people using baking soda in combination with the detergent and I think this is a very useful strategy. You can add a little lemon to make it smell good. Mix the detergent around until it dissolves.

4. Let soak for 4 hours, or overnight.

5. Gently wipe off the dirt with a cloth or sponge (or the old towel if you don’t want it any more – then you can simply discard). Enjoy the new shine!

Take a look at the video below to see how it’s done:

Share please this trick with all your friends, so that more people can learn how to clean their oven racks in this simple and efficient way.

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