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She Cuts Up A Paper And Colors It. But When She Opens It? This Magic Trick Will Blow Your Kids Away!

Well, apparently I’ve been living under a rock for some years – so the first thing I want to say to you is that if you haven’t heard of the hexaflexagon- don’t worry, you’re not alone. Now, the next thing you’re likely wondering is … the hexa-what? So let me try to break it down for you: I came across a rather fascinating YouTube clip which presents the hexaflexagon: an apparently rather well known mathematical ‘trick’ you can do with a piece of paper and some crayons that will have you scratching your head – and pulling your hair out of it at once. Creating the hexaflexagon basically consists of taking some paper and folding and shaping it into the shape of a hexagon. Bring out some markers and soon, your hexagon turns into a delightful ‘magic’ trick. Forget amusing your bored kids on a rainy Sunday afternoon – this will boggle your adult mind! No wonder this clip has already had over 6 million views. I know I’m going to try this out with my kids this weekend 🙂

Arthur Harold Stone (30 September 1916 – 6 August 2000) is credited with the discovery of the first hexaflexagon, while he was a student at Princeton University in the USA in 1939.

I honestly can’t tell you how it works or exactly why, but there’s some kind of mathematical formula behind this.

I just love the way the girl in the video creatively describes what she’s doing and directs you to make your very own hexaflexagon.

The best part of course is that you can do this yourself! I have friends that have tried it with their kids, and, in case you have any doubts – they vouched that this actually DOES work.

Here’s the instructional video on how to make your very own “hexaflexagon.”

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