Spruce Up Your Yard With This Gorgeous DIY Flower Tower Project.

I’ll admit that I’m no genius in the garden and I definitely don’t have a “green thumb.” I don’t let that stop me, though. And with this little trick, even I should be able to create something beautiful. The tip comes from blogger Dan330, who offers instructions on how you can turn a drainage tube and a plastic tarp into a lovely, blossoming tower.

What you need:
A knife
A large flower pot
A drainage tube
Duct tape
Wire fencing
A tarp
Cable ties
Flower seeds

1. Start by making a few small holes along the drainage tube. Then, cover one end of the tube with duct tape and put that end in the middle of the pot.

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2. Place stones in the bottom of the pot to stabilize the tube. Then, wrap wire fencing around the pot.

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3. Line the inside of the wire fence with a tarp and fill the space with soil and flower seeds. (Tip: Fasten the tarp with cable ties. They’ll hold everything in place!)

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4. Next, pierce the tarpaulin with a knife. The holes you’re making are where the flowers will grow. No you’re ready to water your flower tower and wait for the results.

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5. The time it takes before you flowers start appear depending on which kind of seeds you planted. But the result? Gorgeous!

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I hope this idea helps many people make their gardens beautiful. Please share it with your friends so they can make flower towers, too!

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