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The Best Trick To Get Rid Of Mold In Your Bathroom Without Toxic Chemicals.

Mold growth for instance in your bathtub is not fun and can in fact pose a health hazard to yourself and your family, so it is important to remove it as soon as possible. But … well, you  may have for a variety of reasons forgotten about it or not noticed it in some time. When the stains thus get stubborn, there are few products for mold removal that really work well and can be used by privately by individuals in their homes, and not commercially. Fortunately there is an easy trick to remove even the most stubborn mold stains – easily. Bleach is a common alternative, however it can be very unpleasant to use, as it runs the risk of creating a variety of irritations and can damage the skin. The genius alternative that works just as well? Vinegar. I had not heard of this trick before, so I thought it would be great to pass it along, especially for younger folk who need a quick, easy and cheap way to get rid of the stains in their bathroom. Hope this trick reaches many and can help people out there!

It’s super simple! All you need is:

Cotton (ideally balls)
White vinegar (12%)
The mold in your bath or shower…

Mold in your tub is certainly not a pretty sight.


The solution? Place your cotton balls in the vinegar and let them absorb the liquid for a few minutes.

Shape and place the balls along the edge of your tub or wherever the mold is (use gloves).


Then simply let sit overnight and allow the ‘magic’ solution to work…


You’ll find the mold easily rubs off, and can scrape off any remaining stains with an old toothbrush.


Please share this trick if you agree it was super simple and super smart, and think others should consider this toxin-free alternative, too!

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