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This Amazing DIY Penny Tabletop Would Look Great In Any Room.

Not only does this video DIY show you how to create a table, it’s also mesmerizing to watch. I’ve seen lacquered table tops before, but I’ve never seen one as beautiful as the penny table top in this video. Maybe it’s the fact that they lined up pennies so well, or the it’s the alluring combination of the pennies and the glaze, but I instantly found myself thinking of the perfect table I could make this with. The video starts out just like any other DIY refurbishing project: there’s the ugly old table, the sanding of the wood, the stripping off of the ugly parts. But then things get interesting. As soon as crew breaks out the pennies, I found myself wishing I was helping them line up some of the more than 3,500 pennies they used. It looks as fun and relaxing as putting together a 1,000-piece puzzle. But it’s that last step that really makes this video (and the table) shine. And when the crew pours glaze onto the table and the pennies start to sparkle, I was ready to get the junky old table I have in my garage and make my masterpiece. One tip before you watch the mesmerizing video below: They used a round table and pennies from the bank, but you can use any table. And if you clean the pennies in your piggy bank, you can save yourself a trip to the bank. Enjoy!

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