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This Clever, Inexpensive Trick Will Transform Your Bedroom Window.

Like many loyal Newsner readers, Annabel also looks for creative and clever solutions to everyday problems in her home. For instance, Annabel has a beautiful big bedroom window with large window panes, but she didn’t think she was getting the most out of it. She wanted to take advantage of the beautiful morning light, but she also wanted to maintain some privacy.

While looking for inspiration on the Internet, Annabel came up with a brilliant idea: lace window coverings. She made a batch of “starch jelly” to create the perfect homemade adhesive. The glue consists of things most people have at home: cornstarch, cold water, and boiling water. Then, in less than an hour, Annabel completed her elegant window coverings. And luckily for us, she also shared the project on her blog, so that everyone can learn how to do it. “This was the quickest, easiest, cheapest project ever, but I’m 100 per cent in love with the results,” writes Annabel. Scroll down to see how Annabel transformed her bedroom window…

Here’s Annabel’s bedroom window.


Annabel brushed a layer of “starch jelly” on each window pane. The jelly, which acts as an adhesive, consists of two tablespoons of cornstarch and an equal amount of cold water. Then, Annabel added 3 cups of boiling water to the mixture.


Before she mixed the gel, Annabel cut out a rectangular piece of lace.


She brushed a thick layer of glue on the window and made sure to cover all of the corners and edges.


A tip to get rid of annoying air pockets: iron your fabric first to smooth out any creases!


In less than an hour, Annabel created an elegant way to both have more privacy and still enjoy the beautiful morning light. When she wants to remove the lace, she just needs to pull it off from one corner and then simply wash her window with warm water.


It’s beautiful, isn’t it?


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