This Doctor’s Method To Quiet A Crying Baby Is Spreading Like Wildfire.

It’s an eternal question for parents everywhere: how to quiet and comfort a crying baby? Magic formulas are suggested time and time again. But after watching this, I am frankly surprised to say that this one seems rather convincing. It’s a technique presented by American physician Dr. Robert Hamilton, which he calls “The Hold”. His method has recently gone viral, and I would say understandably so. Within seconds, Dr. Hamilton manages to completely quiet several crying babies with the help of what appears to be a very simple, yet very useful method. I never thought I’d say this but I am kind of looking forward to encounter a crying baby soon, just so I can try this out!

“Everything you do should be done very carefully. You should not make any jerky movements,” Dr. Hamilton says in the instructional video that is currently spreading like wildfire.

He says that the technique works best with babies up to three months old. After that, they become too heavy to hold securely in the position required to practice the method.

1. First, cross the baby’s arms over its chest.

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2. Secure the baby’s arms and hold its chin with one hand while using your dominant hand to hold the baby’s bottom.

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3. Then gently tilt the baby to a 45 degree angle. Within seconds, your baby should calm down.

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Take a look at Dr. Hamilton’s method here:

I thought this looked pretty amazing. It seems gentle and although I have no idea how or why it works, it really looks like it does.

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