This Guy Builds A Combined Car And Bike That’s Simply Brilliant.

Dynamite, ball bearings, the wrench, and the zipper. They all have one thing in common: they were invented by Swedes. And while not every Swedish invention changes the world, they all aim to solve problems and make life just a little bit better. So when Swedish inventor Michael Kjellman wanted a bicycle that could withstand the weather well and be a little more comfortable, he took things into his own hands and built… PodRide. From the outside, it looks like a small car with its windshield wipers, car-style headlights, and turn signals—but open the door, and you see that it is in fact a specially designed electric bike you can pedal around on without having to worry about getting rained on or getting a sore butt.

The combined car/bike weighs 70 kg, has four wheels and can reach speeds of about 25 kilometers per hour. Lacking both a steering wheel and handlebars, PodRider is controlled with steering sticks and brakes on either side of the comfortable seat.

PodRider is ideal when there’s a little bad weather, but on the warmer days, you can of course roll down the windows and enjoy the sun. And if that weren’t enough, Michael’s invention also has room in the back for luggage!

I’m completely sold on this idea, but you should check out it for yourself. Watching Michael spin around on the ice looks like a lot of fun!

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