This New Self-Defense App Could Be A Literal Lifesaver. Here’s How It Works.

Going home alone at night can be a scary and unpleasant situation, but getting support from the outside world can help ease that fear.

Of course, calling 911 is always preferred in any given emergency situation, but when you only have seconds, you want help right away… This clever app could be a solution to that problem. It’s certainly at the least a good idea that could help you feel safer.

The app, called OnCamera, works like this.

It connects the user to emergency services and takes their GPS location at the same time. Then, it begins broadcasting video from the user’s cell phone of whatever is taking place to the OnCamera officers. App developers hope that this will be enough to deter perpetrators from committing crimes in the first place.

A video showing how the app works is up on Facebook and at the time of writing has reached over 550,000 shares. Take a look below:

On Camera

Has anyone every heard or even used this????
Not a bad idea
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Posted by Clarissa & Thomas Lehmann on Thursday, January 21, 2016

This app could be a potential lifesaver. Share it with your friends if you agree it could be great to have handy if ever you feel insecure.

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