Weak Wi-Fi Signal? Boost It With A Beer Can!

An unstable Wi-Fi signal is one the most annoying of modern inconveniences. I mean, how frustrating is it when Netflix starts buffering just because you moved to the other side of the sofa? But before you consider buying the latest high-end Wi-Fi router, remember that all routers have dead spots. So the thing to do here is have a beer and relax, because fortunately, there is a solution. And that beer you just finished? It didn’t just make you forget about finishing your movie, it also put you one step closer to stable internet. In the video below, Operation Extend-A-Brew will show you how to turbo-charge your wireless router with a simple aluminum can. And seeing that the video has received more than 1.5 million views, you can be sure that tons of people have already successfully upgraded their routers.  All you’ll need are scissors, a box cutter or other razor knife, a beer can, and duct tape. Scroll down for better Wi-Fi!

1. Empty a beer can. (Soda cans or any other aluminum cans will work.)

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beer can wifi 1

2. Rinse can thoroughly.

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beer can wifi 2

3. Pull off the tab.

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beer can wifi 3

4. Cut the bottom off of the can with a box cutter. (Be careful not to cut yourself!)

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beer can wifi 4

5. Cut about 3/4 of the way around the top of the can, leaving a little bit of the top still attached. (See step 7 for a better picture of the top still attached.) Be careful not to bend the can.

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beer can wifi 5

6. Use scissors to cut the can in half vertically.

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beer can wifi 6

7. Fan the can out like in the picture below.

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beer can wifi 7

8. Put some tape on the bottom of the can so you can affix it your Wi-Fi router.

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beer can wifi 8

9. Slide your beer-can Wi-Fi extender over your router and you’re ready to enjoy better wireless reception!

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beer can wifi 9

Check out this video for more detailed instructions:

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