You only need 3 ingredients from your kitchen to get your car to look like new

Buying a car is for most people a great investment. You shop around, compare, investigate and test drive before you finally make a decision.

A brand new car usually gives us the best feeling. It runs like a clock, and above all, it’s nice and clean.

But nice and clean don’t usually last forever – and within weeks, our car can often use a refresher.

Washing the outside of our cars is never that much of a hassle, but getting the inside sparkling again takes a bit more effort. Those efforts however, are minimized if you use this simple and easy home hack. 

All you need is 3 ingredients you will most likely find at home. This super simple and easy trick is impossible not to share!

You need:

* Mineral water
* Dish soap
* White wine vinegar
* A brush
* Spray bottle

Washing carpets may seem simple, but it’s hard to get them completely clean. Many simply rinse with water, which often does not help much.

Try instead to spray the mixture on your car mats. Mix the mineral water, detergent and vinegar in equal parts and pour into the spray bottle. Spray generously on dirty areas and wait at least 3 minutes.

After that, start brushing off the stains and rinse with water.

YouTube / Valley Motors

You can use your mix on your car seats, too. Then, wipe with a cloth. Not bad, right?

Not a bad idea to keep a spray bottle with the mixture handy in your car, just in case of an accident. 

YouTube / Valley Motors

Please pass this clever trick along to everyone you know who could use some help to clean their car 🙂

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