10-Year-Old Is Autistic And Blind. His Voice Leaves Me With One Thing: Goosebumps.

There are people on this earth that carries a story that simply can’t be ignored. 10-year-old Christopher Duffley is such a person. Christopher got a rough start in life. He was born in 2001 but since his mother strggled with a drug addiction Christopher was born way to early. The doctor’s didn’t even think he’ll make it, but like thorugh a miracle the baby boy survived. Not only did he just barely survive his very first day. He was also born blind and diagnosed with autism. After being sent off to a orphanage he was adopted by relatives. Pretty soon the little boy showed signs of being gifted with an extraordinary voice. Pretty soon he started to perform and has since then touched the hearts of millions with his beautiful singing. In this video Christopher is only 10 years old, but doesn’t show any signs of nervousness; In front of full stands he tkes the audience by storm and leaves me with goosebumps. Ireally recommend everyone to watch this. Christopher is truly born to be a star!

Please share this performance if it touched you as it touched me. Good luck with everything, Christopher!