11-Year-Old Country Girl Starts Singing A Super Hit. Seconds Later Her Voice Stuns The Crowd Completely.

Although 11-year-old Chloe Channell has been singing since she was 7, she’s certainly still nervous when she steps out on a large stage and is faced with a panel of judges. But like so many other young talents I’ve seen, some of the greatest voices come in small packages. Before she begins, one of the judges asks little Chloe what she would do if she won the million dollar first prize in the America’s Got Talent competition. Chloe answers that she would buy a hunting camp to hunt ‘big ole’ bucks’. This little girl certainly has star potential, but she’s also just an ordinary little country girl The judges are instantly impressed by Chloe, especially considering her age. Her warm, soulful country voice was just a joy to listen to.

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