12-year-old girl brings a friend on stage, but now keep an eye on the doll when it opens its mouth

Darci Lynne has two very special talents that she combines in the best possible way.

When she went up on stage on “America’s Got Talent” for her first live performance, she had a new friend to present to the audience — her doll, a mouse named Oscar.

But it didn’t take long before we realized that Oscar needed to get something off his chest. He’s been keeping a serious secret that he no longer could hide.

Oscar has a serious crush on a jury member, none other than former British pop-star and ex Spice Girl — Mel B.

It’s also no surprise that Darci Lynne and Oscar came prepared for the occasion with a little song to sing for the judges.

The reult is amazing. Turns out Darci Lynne is one of the most talented ventriloquists I have seen! But not only is she a great ventriloquist — this girl can sing.

The moment her and Oscar start singing ‘Who’s Lovin ‘You’ by The Jackson 5, the audience is floored.

It’s difficult to decide where to look and what’s more amazing; Oscar, or the fact that Darci Lynne is doing all this with her mouth closed. Not to mention the reactions of Mel B and the rest of the jury.

It’s all a little mind-blowing to be frank.

This might be the most talented contestant in this year’s competition — who agrees? I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it. And did we mention she’s only 12!

Take a look at Darci Lynne’s (and Oscar’s) performance in the clip below.

Do you agree that more people should discover this 12-year-old girl and her incredible doll?

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