12-year-old’s voice floors jury – now watch who sneaks up behind him

For any 12-year-old to sing before a tough jury, television cameras, and a huge audience can only be nerve-wrecking.

But 12-year-old boy Ronan Parke shows the total opposite when he walks up on stage.

He shocked the jury with his calm demeanor – and not to mention the surprise that comes up behind him…

When walks on stage, he looks like a lonely boy on a huge stage. 

Despite this, he manages to keep his cool… and then suddenly an entire choir is singing behing him.

Source: YouTube

Surrounded by dramatic smoke and soft blue lights, the 12-year-old starts to sing “Because Of You” by Kelly Clarkson.

Ronan’s confident voice goes straight to the heart. But towards the end of the song, viewers are given a reason to rejoice in it even more.

Source: YouTube

Out of nowhere, the stage is filled by a choir who join the boy at the center of it all. Ronan’s voice accompanies the choir in an absolutely blissful masterpiece.  

Source: YouTube

The jury, with music guru Simon Cowell in the lead, have only praise for the 12-year-old – who can not hold back the tears any longer.

With tears of joy running down his cheeks, I can only imagine the emotions Ronan is feeling. He has performed amazingly well – share this article on Facebook if you agree! 

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